Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Remote Display)

  • Line Size
    15 mm to 300 mm.
  • Process Pressure
    10 kg/cm²
  • Process Temp.
    PTFE – 150°c Rubber – 85°c
  • Electrode MOC
    SS 316 Hastelloy C
  • Internal Lining
    PTFE / Rubber
  • Display Version
  • Measuring Tube Material
    SS 316
  • Connection
    Flange ANSI 150

India’s Prominent Electromagnetic Flow Meter Manufacturer And Supplier

Arrowmech Instruments & Automation presents the AEFM-100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Remote Display, a microcontroller-based full-bore type specially crafted for various industrial applications. This innovative flow meter precisely calculates the flow rates of conductive liquids and slurries within enclosed pipelines. Unlike traditional mechanical flow meters, its simple and rigid design ensures maintenance-free operation, making it a hassle-free choice for accurate flow measurement. The use of advanced technology provides the highest reliability and better measuring accuracy, delivering electrical signals such as 4-20 mA DC, Pulse, and RS 485 linearly proportional to the volumetric flow.

Arrowmech is recognized as India's leading manufacturer and supplier of Electromagnetic Flow Meters. We are renowned for our top-quality Electromagnetic Flow Meters, offering various sizes, materials, and liner materials to suit the diverse requirements of our users.

The Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Remote Display is widely used for measuring the flow of conducting fluids. It is suitable for applications such as drinking water, wastewater, dirty liquids, raw water, and more. The sensor operates on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction and is compact and sensitive. Options for an earth ring or earth electrode are available, and the sensor complies with IP68 standards, ensuring durability.

The unique feature of the Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Remote Display is its full-bore flow, which means it does not obstruct the flow of the liquid being measured, resulting in no pressure drop and more accurate results. The AEFM-100 by Arrowmech Instruments & Automation is a revolutionary solution for industrial flow measurement, offering precise measurements with its cutting-edge technology, multiple information displays, and various output options for seamless integration with existing systems.

  • Measuring Range
    0.2 to 12 m/s (Bidirection)
  • Accuracy
    0.5% (0.2% Contact Us).
  • Repeatability
    ±1% of span.
  • Display
    LCD Multiple Info.
  • Measuring Units
    Selectable : KG/H, M³/H, L/H,L/M, L/S, KG/M, KG/S
  • Output
    4 ~ 20 mA, RS 485, Pulse.
  • Power Supply
    80 ~ 240 V A.C. / 24 V D.C.
  • Protection Class
    IP 67 (Transmitter).
  • Remote Display
    10m Cable.
  • Processor
    ARM Microprocessor.
  • Conductivity
    10 µS/cm
  • Response Time
    0.3 Seconds.
  • Empty Pipe Detection
  • Environment Temperature
    0°c to 55°c
  • Electronics Housing
    Die Cast Alluminium (IP 65)

Features Of Integrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Remote Display

Precision in Measurement

Utilizing magnetic coils and electrodes, this flow meter provides highly accurate measurements of fluid flow, ensuring precise control over industrial operations.

Versatile Measuring Range

With a bidirectional measuring range from 0.2 to 12 m/s, it caters to a wide spectrum of flow rates, making it suitable for various applications.

Highly Accurate Results

Offering an accuracy of 0.5%, this flow meter delivers reliable and trustworthy measurements, crucial for maintaining process efficiency and minimizing wastage.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand harsh environments, its robust design can handle extreme temperatures, pressure, and corrosive substances, ensuring long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

Flexible Display Options

With multiple display options available, users can choose the most convenient way to view flow data, enhancing user experience and simplifying data interpretation.

Diverse Output Options

Supporting various output options, including 4~20mA, RS485, and Pulse outputs, it seamlessly integrates with other systems for efficient data transfer and process automation.

Swift Response Time

Featuring a quick response time, it promptly detects and responds to changes in flow rates, crucial for maintaining process stability and promptly identifying anomalies.

Adaptability to Temperature Variations

Operating in temperatures from 0°C to 55°C, it is suitable for diverse industrial environments, ensuring reliable performance in varying conditions.

Enhanced Monitoring

Equipped with features such as empty pipe detection, it alerts users to no flow in the pipe, preventing inaccurate readings and enhancing overall usability and reliability.