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The AEFM-100 electromagnetic flow meter by Arrowmech Instruments & Automation is a revolutionary solution for industrial flow measurement. With its cutting-edge technology, this microcontroller-based instrument accurately measures the flow rate of conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipes. Unlike traditional mechanical flow meters, the AEFM-100 offers a reliable and maintenance-free alternative.


Arrowmech’s Ultrasonic Flow Meter (AUFM-100) is a very good solution for Boiler Feed water measuring. This technology works with high accuracy in low conductive liquids.

IOT Module - AIOT410

Arrowmech Instruments & Automation presents the cutting-edge AIOT410 IoT Module, specially crafted to effortlessly transmit the data from our renowned AEFM-100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter to the server. This ingenious module seamlessly acquires data via RS-485 and promptly transmits it to the cloud. To enhance your experience, we provide intuitive Website & Mobile Applications (available on both iOS & Android platforms) that enable you to effortlessly monitor the Flow Meter Data. Our tailor-made solution is a game-changer for Industry 4.0 Applications, as it can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. Experience the power of Arrowmech Instruments & Automation as we revolutionize the way you manage and monitor your industrial processes.



High Quality Products

Maintaining Quality Standards is the forte of Arrowmech. Being dedicated to serving our customers with the best measurement tools, high precision and quality check is ensured by the team of professionals.



Catering to the specific requirements of industrial segments, Arrowmech Expert Engineering and advanced technology ensure that industry needs are duly fulfilled by customizing the instruments in the best interest of industry applications.


World Class Support

Arrowmech Experts are just a call away! 360 Degree customer assistance and support are provided to customers having any query related to system designs, product selection, after-sales services or warranty.


Robust Documentation

Arromech believes in providing proper documentation to the customers for clear understanding and terms of sales so that after-sales benefits, warranty service programs and customer training sessions can be availed by the customers.


Products Built For Textile, Pharma, Chemical, Automotive, Beverages & many more industries.

Our Products are performing excellent in all the industries.


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