IoT Module - AIOT410

  • RS-485 Input
  • Web Configuration
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity (optional)
  • SIM Connectivity (optional)
  • Web, iOS & Android Application to monitor data
  • Power Supply - 230V AC or 24V DC (optional)
  • Specification Of IOT Module - AIOT410

    Arrowmech Instruments & Automation presents the cutting-edge AIOT410 IoT Module, specially crafted to effortlessly transmit the data from our renowned AEFM-100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter to the server. This ingenious module seamlessly acquires data via RS-485 and promptly transmits it to the cloud. To enhance your experience, we provide intuitive Website & Mobile Applications (available on both iOS & Android platforms) that enable you to effortlessly monitor the Flow Meter Data. Our tailor-made solution is a game-changer for Industry 4.0 Applications, as it can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. Experience the power of Arrowmech Instruments & Automation as we revolutionize the way you manage and monitor your industrial processes.


    • RS-485 Input : The AEFM-100 electromagnetic flow meter by Arrowmech Instruments & Automation boasts an advanced RS-485 input feature, allowing seamless integration with your existing industrial systems. This enables efficient data communication and real-time monitoring, ensuring smooth and accurate flow measurement.

    • Web Configuration : With the AEFM-100, configuring your flow meter has never been easier. Our user-friendly web interface empowers you to customize and fine-tune the meter's settings according to your specific requirements. Experience hassle-free setup and optimization, putting you in control of your industrial processes.

    • Wifi Connectivity : Stay connected with your flow meter from anywhere, anytime. The AEFM-100 offers robust Wifi connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly access and monitor crucial flow data remotely. No more limitations of physical proximity - enjoy the convenience of wireless communication and stay on top of your operations effortlessly.

    • LAN Connectivity (Optional) : For enhanced connectivity and reliability, the AEFM-100 provides an optional LAN connectivity feature. Seamlessly integrate your flow meter into your local area network, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission and easy access to real-time measurements. Take control of your industrial processes with the power of seamless LAN connectivity

    • SIM Connectivity (Optional) : Need to monitor your flow meter in remote locations? The AEFM-100 offers optional SIM connectivity, enabling you to stay connected and monitor your operations even in areas without traditional internet access. With SIM card support, you can ensure uninterrupted data transmission and stay in control, no matter where your industrial processes take you.

    • Web, iOS & Android Application To Monitor Data : Take control of your flow meter data like never before. The AEFM-100 comes equipped with a comprehensive web application, as well as intuitive iOS and Android applications. Monitor and analyze real-time flow data, access historical records, and receive instant alerts, all from the convenience of your preferred device.

    • Power Supply - 230V AC Or 24V DC (Optional) : The AEFM-100 is designed to adapt to your specific power requirements. Choose between the standard 230V AC or the optional 24V DC power supply, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Flexibility and versatility are at the heart of the AEFM-100, empowering you to seamlessly integrate it into your industrial processes.


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