IOT Module (LTE)

  • RS-485 Input
  • Web Configuration
  • Wifi Connectivity.
  • LAN Connectivity (Optional)
  • SIM Connectivity (Optional)
  • Web, IOS & Android Application To Monitor Data
  • Power Supply - 230V AC Or 24V DC (Optional)

IOT Module –AIOT410 (LTE) By Arrowmech

Arrowmech Instruments & Automation presents the AIOT410 IoT Module LTE, a revolutionary solution for transmitting data from the AEFM-100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter to the server using LTE connectivity. This advanced module collects data through RS-485 and efficiently sends it to the cloud for analysis. Our user-friendly Website & Mobile Applications, compatible with iOS & Android platforms, enable seamless monitoring of Flow Meter Data. This tailored solution is perfect for Industry 4.0 Applications, offering customizable features to meet specific requirements. Experience the efficiency of Arrowmech Instruments & Automation as we transform industrial process management and monitoring.

The IoT module from Arrowmech acts as an independent Gateway for cloud applications, providing a cost-effective solution for various industrial needs. It can be easily tailored to suit a range of Industry 4.0 applications.

The IoT module collects Sensor Data via 485 Analog Input and transmits the data via LTE network. It facilitates direct communication between the sensors and the cloud server, connecting sensors and other devices to the cloud. You can view real-time status and control connected devices from anywhere through a customizable web portal developed by Arrowmech.

Features Of IOT Module –AIOT410 (LTE)

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Stay updated with real-time data transmission capabilities of the AIOT410 IoT Module LTE. Monitor your devices effortlessly with a built-in display, ensuring you're always informed about your industrial processes' performance and status.

Built-In Display Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of a built-in display with the AIOT410 IoT Module LTE. Easily monitor device status and performance in real-time without the need for additional tools or devices.

Seamless RS-485 Communication

The AIOT410 IoT Module LTE seamlessly integrates with your existing industrial systems through RS-485 communication. This feature enhances data communication and real-time monitoring, ensuring accurate and reliable flow measurement.

User-Friendly Web Configuration

Configure your IoT module with ease using the web configuration feature. The intuitive web interface allows you to customize and fine-tune the module's settings according to your specific requirements, simplifying setup and optimization.

Enhanced LAN Connectivity (Optional)

For enhanced connectivity and reliability, the AIOT410 IoT Module LTE offers optional LAN connectivity. Integrate your flow meter into your local area network for uninterrupted data transmission and easy access to real-time measurements.

Comprehensive Data Monitoring Apps

Monitor your flow meter data comprehensively with the AIOT410's web, iOS, and Android applications. These user-friendly apps allow you to analyze real-time flow data, access historical records, and receive instant alerts, all from your preferred device.

Flexible Power Supply Options

The AIOT410 IoT Module LTE offers flexible power supply options, including the standard 230V AC or optional 24V DC power supply. This adaptability ensures compatibility with your existing infrastructure, providing the flexibility needed for seamless integration into your industrial processes.